Millennium Falcon Spec Sheet Poster

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The spec sheet of a YT-1300 light freighter, which was heavily modified, and turned into the now famous Millennium Falcon. This heavily modified freighter is piloted by Han Solo who boasts that while she ain't much to look at she has done the Kessel Run in"less than twelve parsecs". The print even has Han Solo's approval for modifications.

All of our prints are beautifully rendered on 13 by 19 professional heavyweight matte photo paper. All images are printed exactly as shown to order. Old photos and other vintage media sometimes have a bit of blur which we are careful to keep, as we do with the creases in film posters or antique maps so that your print will still carry with it the true character of the original. All prints are carefully rolled for shipping and safely inserted in a high quality shipping tube. When purchased with a frame, we frame the print for you and it is shipped in a high quality shipping box especially designed for frames to ensure it gets to you in mint condition. e.